Neat Comet with a D70
Oportunity during End of May to get to a darker area for comet imaging. The Nikon D70 is equipped with a 180mm f/2.8 lens and is mounted on a robust GP/DX equatorial mount.

Neat Comet
Image have been taken during the night of the May 21th - comet was already declining in intensity.
The images are a sum of 5 images of 60s duration each. Dark was subtracted, no flat and no offset correction.

See here for more details on the D70 setting and accessories used.

Overall field with the 180mm lens
1:1 comet region - registration on the comet nucleus
1:1 comet region - with a log applied
The star party, behind the scene...
Again, the conviviality of star party at St-Caprais has not to be demonstrated. The Reugnié family is always welcoming us when the sky is promising. This time it was around a "Petit-Salé" and most of the pixel and cassoulet gang members was there... More about St Caprais star party ?

Classic time: apero !

The Reugnié family: the mum of Marc, Delphine, her husband Marc, and the father of Marc

Excellent cakes with good wines...

Denis Marchais and Christian Buil: do you see the comet ???