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INTI Selector is a specially designed tool for INTI image png processed image. It helps to compare and select the best image(s) from your serie of scans. It relies on the standard practice of having the reference image on the left and allow to circulate images on the right. Once a better image is found, it can be transferred as the new prefered image. Using mouse to zoom and drag allows a more confirtable assessment. A list of best images can be built in case you have multiple best images. 


1. Download the zip file

For windows:
For Mac: soon to come...

If you installed INTI since 2nd jan 2022 Inti_selector.exe is already included in the distribution.

2. Extract the inti_selector directory on your disk or on usb key

Once unzipped you'll have a directory with a lot of files. INTI_Selector has been wrtitten in Python and to deploy a Python program as an executable the installator includes a lot of files to recreate the python required environment. 

3. Click on INTI_Selector.exe to launch the application

The exe file is in the unzipped directory. It may take a dozen af seconds before the user interface appears. Maybe less at second launch
At launch, windows does not recognize the signature so may display a warning to protect your pc from virus and prevent the program to execute. Trust the program and force windows to execute it anyway.

INTI Selector manual

1. Click on open to select the directory

The directory to select is the directory where you have the INTI processed images you want to screen and select the best ones. As you do not have to select a file, the list in the explorer windows is empty or contains the subdirectories.

2. Click on select directory

By default the png images with _clahe.png extension will be selected.

The list of images to compare are shown in the list area, in the center

The first image is displayed on both screens

If you want to compare a different type of processed images, select the appropriate extension from the right dropdown list

3. Click on Next or Previous

Change the image displayed on the right to compare with the image which stays on the left, assuming this is the last best image you preferred.

If the images has been generated from a ser file produced by sharpcap, INTI selector looks at te camera_setting files and display the gain and the exposure.

You can also click directly on a specific image name in the list in the middle. Then your comparison tour will re-start from this image

4. Zoom or drag the images

Use your mouse to click in one the image and adjust the zoom factor with the mouse wheel. The same factor will be applied on the two images simultaneously.

Use your mouse to click in one of image and drag it to compare specific areas when images are zoomed

You can also use the zoom in / zoom out button instead of the mouse wheel - You have a reset button to recenter and unzoom the images.

5. Keep or Log

Once you decided the image on the right is the new preferred one, click on Keep Button and the right image will be displayed as well on the left. The file name in the list in the middle will be also selected.
If you want to save the name of the file but do not want to have it as your preferred one, just hit Log Button.

8. Selected

Once you have selected multiple file you consider as good, hitting the Seleted button will allow you to compare between the images from this selection. So, you can perform the selection in narrowing the list until you find the best of the best

6. Exit INTI_Selector

Just click on Exit button

7.INTI_Selector output

You will find a file txt with a timestamp which contains the selected image names with Gain and Exposure.

Inti selector is sharing the same inti.yaml file than Inti to keep the default setting at launch for the directory.