Bangalore - Kumarakom - India
From 20 to 25th of January - Business trip in India

We spent 3 days in Kumarakom, for team building, followed by 3 days at the GE healthcare office, at Bangalore. Kumarakom is located south of cochin, on the west cost of the south india. Images are taken during the flight.

Kumarakom is well known for its back waters

One can experience trip on house boat and bird watching.

In the plane between Bangalore and Cochin, Jerome, Eric and Shuba
Temperature was around 32°C, great blue sky, at a 9°3 latitude. We were located at the resort Water Escapes
A ride in a minibus to drive us to the resort was the opportunity to discover the state of Kerala, the coconuts and the multiple rivers
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Jerome and Thierry, the personal computer on the side is ust to remind us that we are not on vacation.
Back to Bangalore
Bangalore is weel known for its constant and pleasant climate. But this city is also know very well for its fantastic trafic jam due the exponantial growth of the city activities in high tech domain.
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Not to forget...

We were there for work. It was a great week of exchange, discussion, sometimes quite animated. There is no better way to work in a global team than having face to face to go over the roughtness of phone call and rapid emails.